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Not your average run of the mill graphic designer, I hold degrees both in graphic design and marketing. My vast experience includes working the agency life, developing marketing design for a myriad of corporations, and managing my own business as a freelance designer. This array of employment platforms has given me a strong foundation for creating and designing branded messaging concepts while executing it at a fast pace to complete deliverables on time and within budget.

As an accomplished graphic designer, I am very fortunate to work in the world of vivid colors and multi-faceted designs. It is extremely rewarding to create artwork that serves to promote business ideas, services and products in an eye-catching way with an end goal of increasing sales and brand awareness. This is my profession of choice and where I find myself excelling and wanting to always grow.

My extensive career in marketing design includes creating graphics for:

          • print

          • video illustrations

          • e-media

          • web

          • interactive presentations

          • digital art

          • infographics

          • illustrations

          • large-scale displays

          • trade shows designs

          • ads

          • packaging

          • technical documentation

          • ebooks

          • environmental production design


Through these opportunities, I have gained a solid understanding of marketing strategies, corporate branding and campaigns, and created a reputation as a proven developer of innovative design solutions with a meticulous eye for detail.

Learn more, email me at

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